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A successful Ukrainian entrepreneur, the founder of One Life, Artem Surin has gone around the world with a Morza bracelet!

There is no doubt you had heard this phrase somehow in your life. So to say there is nothing to expect and everything couldn’t come true. It is better to temper your expectations and be content with reality. But is it really so?

I follow my dream! With a loaded backpack, under the scorching sun, getting wet in the rain, smashing feet into the blood and overcoming wild fatigue, kilometer per kilometer, driven by the yellow arrows and her dream, brave Marianna Luchanska walked the entire Way of St. James (El Camino de Santiago ) Length of 765 km. !!!

Our friend Romanna Hrynkiv shares her story about the bracelet.

"By habit, buttoning the bracelet after the shower, I froze for a second, I wear it constantly, I know all the components well, their meaning, because almost every day I tell interested listeners what it is on my hand.