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With Morza around the world!

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Going around the world definitely is not for everyone! Moreover, it is not easy - to make such a travel. The world tour has its strict canons, which are approved by the London Royal Geographical Society. And you must have heard about the stiffness of Londoners!

Around the world tour is considered to be held when a person will visit all six continents without air travelling, only by water and land, and will cross all the meridians of the Earth. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Artem Surin is the first Ukrainian who became a member of the prestigious community of travelers Yacht Club de Monaco, and already on October 14 he embarked on a journey around the world. Artem puts his notes from his travel in the video diary on YouTube channel:

It is noteworthy that on a journey where you won’t take too many things, Artem Surin took our Morza bracelet. The symbols that are collected on it are folded into words that are close to his personal values. According to the ethical policy, we in Morza cannot disclose information about words on the bracelets of our customers. But in Artem’s case, we can say that his Morza bracelet means the symbol with which he walks around the world, following his dream!

For 9 months Artem will visit 35 countries. Right now, as part of the “Big Circle” journey, his hero is in America. From Ukraine to Europe he drove by car. Next - from Italy he went to Africa on the ferry. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a cruise liner, he is hitting the North America. USA explores by car, to Mexico goes by bus. He will reach Antarctica by the expedition ship, then cross the entire Pacific Ocean from Chile. New Zealand - Australia - India. From Kazakhstan to the Caucasus he will go by foot. And through the Black Sea will return home.

We are sure that Artem will have to go through many trials, see and learn the incredible corners of our Earth! And we will be happy to cheer for him, and watch all of his movements!

We thank Artem for his choice! Morza bracelets are for all travelers!

Dream big to see the world & wear Morza!


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