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Create your own story with the bracelet MORZA

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Our friend Romanna Hrynkiv shares her story about the bracelet.

"By habit, buttoning the bracelet after the shower, I froze for a second, I wear it constantly, I know all the components well, their meaning, because almost every day I tell interested listeners what it is on my hand. It just so happened that recently I just went to an interview for an unusual vacancy, and now, almost every day is filled with travels on the water.What is most important, I immediately embody the "most cherished" coded desire.From what you are doing .. and now, after another busy day on board, I'm tired, but absolutely happy, I'm standing looking at the clasp of the bracelet with the image of the frigate and smiling .. Maybe I invented everything to myself .. but sincerely believe in magic and the power of thought Now I consider my talisman "

I follow my dream


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