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Dreaming is bad?

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There is even a special science about happiness. This study as well as various theories about success, effective management, time management telling us that it is necessary to dream!

Dreaming, we perform several functions at once:

1. Visualize the desired. The more we dive into the dream, the more real it looks for us. How will we feel when we reach what we want? How will we be looking? Whom with we’ll share the joy of that point? All this helps outline our desires, what means making the movement towards them more actively.

2. By dreaming we are widening the scope of our ideology. Allowing, at first only in our own consciousness, something that goes beyond the usual way of life, we are letting the new neural connections to be formed in our brain. Which allows us to think a little differently than before. Assuming that our dream will come true, we bring it closer to real life.

3. Set priorities. Indeed, some dreams are destined to remain unrealizable. But this is not always a minus! Over time, with age, our priorities change, and desires crystallize. Looking at what and how we dream, we can see that some dreams became a part of us, while others have been forgotten for a long. Taking this into account, we can more accurately understand the direction to which dream we should move.

And simply, dreaming is a pleasure! Allowing yourself for at least a few minutes to go into the world of our desires, we allow ourselves to relax and enjoy this moment. After all, on the way to any dream, there are certain obstacles, otherwise, it would not be so desirable. Allowing yourself to dream you can help yourself to stand in front of difficult times, believe in yourself and your own strength.

That’s why we at Morza are sure that dreaming is useful! Just like wearing a piece of your dreams on an exclusive bracelet that we offer. So the symbol of your dreams will always be there near you. It will help you move forward, make the right decisions and achieve what you want.

Dream big and let it all come true!

Your Morza

I follow my dream With Morza around the world!


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